as Thomas Jefferson once said, "I cannot live without books," but Twilight I CAN live without.

About to board a plane. I think there’s something wrong with my kindle?


About to board a plane. I think there’s something wrong with my kindle?

Random people: All we need


She’d rather be alone. Her past lovers always insisted to pretend that when the two of them were together they were less alone, less lonely. That being together somehow eased the pain of life, that being together somehow made them both happier. She can’t stand those kind of lies. The kind of…

word fun



you’re welcome.

open letters

Dear book buyers—

do you know how many trees are killed a year?  Deforestation is a huge problem, and one that my kids, and my kids’ kids will have to battle on top of the rising sea level, CO^2 emissions, and the crazy Right.  Help us help the earth and let the assistants email you the necessary information, samples, and covers for up and coming books.  


Dear e-readers: 

you’re just a fad with an exceptionally long life span. 15 minutes of fame? more like a full 1 hour special.  we’ll be seeing more developed and involved models soon enough.  I’m sure embedding videos into the text, fan made vids of a particular scene, or perhaps a brief interlude for you to explain or elaborate on a point that your editors crossed out.  whatever it may be, color photographs, videos, or songs even, you’re just a fad.  

books don’t have batteries, you know. let’s see who survives the next apocalypse


Dear apocalypse: you are one word i will NEVER spell correctly the first time. 


Dear past and present me: 

get your head out of your ass, set up your desk in a way that works for you, organize the SHIT out of all the work you have to do, and fucking OWN IT. 

don’t forget to be awesome. 

and pass on your copy of ‘Knowing your Value’ by Mika Brzezinksy of ‘Morning Joe’


Dear books—

thanks for smelling the way you do. i love it. and i love the sound you make when i open you for the first time. i love it. stay awesome.